Prevent dental trauma with mouth guard from Bristol dentist

For anyone who has experienced the pain of a knocked out, cracked or chipped tooth from an injury sustained while playing sport, they can tell you just how painful it is. More importantly they can tell you how long and difficult the dental repair work is for such injuries. Dental injuries like these can cause severe long-term damage to the teeth and dental health in general. Often overlooked is the psychological damage losing teeth can have, especially on a younger person. The stigma of wearing a partial denture in your early twenties is something you probably want to do without. It is also important to remember that many of the dental treatments you will require will be very costly.

For people who regular play dangerous contact sports such as rugby, high impact sports such as skiing or anything involving a hard ball such as cricket, it is recommended by dentists that to prevent dental trauma you wear a mouth guard. A well-fitted mouth guard could protect you from the kind of dental injury mentioned above that could have a long-lasting unpleasant effect on your life. It may sound like over caution but over half the dental trauma seen by dentists involves some kind of sporting activity. It really does happen a lot and a few pounds spent on a mouth guard now could save you thousands in the future. We all know that a mouth guard isn’t exactly the coolest apparatus in the world but it’s probably cooler than having to wear false teeth in your late teens.

It is possible to buy mouth guards in sporting goods shops but these mass-produced guards do not offer an effective level of protection. An ill-fitting mouth guard is only slightly more useful than not wearing one at all. A Bristol dentist will be able to fit a mouth guard in a small half hour appointment that will offer you the necessary level of protection. The dentist will either take a mould or digital x-ray of your teeth and use the 3D projection to construct a perfectly fitted guard. For younger patients it is important to have your mouth guard refitted every six months because developing teeth change very rapidly.

Do not underestimate how important a decision wearing a mouth guard could be for your teeth. It might be the best one you’ll ever make and by wearing one, hopefully you’ll never find out.

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