Protect teeth from sporting injury with mouth guard from Weston-super-Mare dentist

When playing a physical sport or a sport that involves fast moving balls, it is important to afford your body the maximum protection. This involves covering or padding any areas that could be vulnerable. One of the most vulnerable areas of your body when playing sport is your teeth. Over half the cases of knocked out teeth seen by dentists occur as the result of a sporting injury of some description.

It may be possible in some case to replace the tooth immediately but if not you will be looking at costly and painful dental treatment to restore the appearance of your teeth. This may involve a dental implant, dental bridge or partial denture. These will need regular dental care and even replacing at various points in your life. But there is a way to give your teeth an extra degree of protection when playing sport that could prevent lost teeth.

A mouth guard from a Weston-super-Mare dentist will cover the teeth and spread the load of any impact, thus protecting the individual teeth and preventing damage. Although mouth guards are available form most sport shops, these are generally quite ill-fitting and offer only minimal protection. A mouth guard from a dentist will be specifically designed to fit your teeth. This means it will be snug fit and offer more protection to your teeth. The fitting process is very simple and quick and when compared to the cost of dental restoration treatment, is really very cheap.

Dentists can also make mouth guards for children but it is important to have these changed regularly as developing teeth change very quickly.

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