Protecting your mouth with a Mouth-guard in Chepstow

If you adore your sports in Chepstow and take it seriously, then you probably take precautions as well to prevent you from getting injured, especially if you play a contact sport. Mouth-guards can be found in dentistry: they help with teeth alignment and in by help to stop your teeth becoming damaged from grinding. But it’s in sport that they serve the most common use, preventing damage to your mouth. A good guard can limit damage to your teeth and gums and also offer some protection to your jaws as well. There are three types of mouth-guard on the market: the first is the basic model that you can buy across the counter. The second model you can also buy across the counter, though you have to heat this up first and then mold it to your teeth yourself. The third however is completely bespoke and made with a lot of science in mind to cater for the specific sport that you do; it will be made to absorb a lot of impact whilst giving you the best protection it can. If you choose to go into such sports unprepared, then you better be ready for some hefty dental bills in the future, and your dentist, will be none too pleased when the repair work has to be done. For more information about mouth-guards in sport, contact Clifton Dental in Bristol.