Pulp Capping Is a Good Option to Root Canal Treatment, Says Dentist in Bristol

A root canal treatment is probably the most dreaded dental procedure because of the amount of pain it generates. It also requires a patient to spend a lot of time in the dentist’s chair and it is also quite expensive. There is no doubt that a root canal treatment is sometimes necessary when the tooth is very badly decayed and a simple filling will not do. However, according to a dentist in Bristol, one does not necessarily need a root canal treatment in all cases of severe tooth decay.

What this dentist offers is a new treatment called pulp capping. In very simple terms, this procedure requires the dentist to go quite close to the nerve while removing decay, but not going all the way. The dentist then applies medicated cement into the cavity in order to help the tooth heal on its own. After a while, the tooth would have built up a wall of structure over the pulp, which then allows the dentist to open up the filling and remove any remaining decayed part. The dentist can then fill up the cavity and cover the tooth if necessary.

The benefits of pulp capping are very obvious. It is a far less expensive procedure than a root canal treatment and it also helps to conserve the tooth. This method also helps to keep the tooth alive for as long as possible and is therefore becoming increasingly popular. Always make it a point to ask for it in case your tooth is decayed very badly.

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