Quick-fire Lumineers in Chepstow

It’s a throw away world that we live in today in Chepstow and most of us are so wrapped up in what we are doing, we have no time to wait and want things immediately and even this attitude has seeped into dentistry. Technicians that dream up all manner of new ideas for dental patients are quick to understand what people want and when they want it. They also understand that people are in a rush these days so they try to cater for this. Cosmetics are huge in dentistry right now and one product that seems to fit the bill is the Lumineer. Clifton dental has all the information that you need on this little darling and you should really check it out. Like traditional veneers, the Lumineer can cover up a multitude of sins in the mouth and it couldn’t be simpler. Once your teeth have been measured up, the fitting is simply glued onto the surface of your teeth, and with some of the cad/cam technology flying around, you can have it made in an hour! Even more remarkable the process is reversible so, let’s paint ourselves a little picture here: it is morning and you have a very important meeting to go to, but your teeth are letting you down, so, call your dentist and you can have some Lumineers fitted by 2pm- then off to the airport- you need to fly into Milan by 6pm. You do the deal and fly home again and in the morning, you can have the Lumineers taken off again. THAT friend is the future of dentistry!