Rebuild your smile with dental bridge from Bath dentist

Losing a tooth can be a very traumatic experience both emotionally and physically. The most obvious concern is of course the pain. Whether the tooth is lost due to a physical accident such as a car crash or sporting injury or if it is just lost to decay or disease, either way there is going to be a significant amount of pain involved. The only difference being if the pain is chronic or acute. Once the initial pain has subsided however, you are then faced with the prospect of having a tooth missing from your dental arc. This is very noticeable and will often spoil the appearance of a smile. This can be emotionally very upsetting at any age but particularly for younger patients, having a missing tooth can have a very large stigma attached.

However, there are a number of ways of replacing missing teeth to restore the functionality of the teeth and also their cosmetic appearance. One such way is called a dental bridge. This involves creating an artificial tooth bridge to fill the gap created by the missing tooth. This is achieved usually by attaching two dental crowns to the teeth adjacent to the vacant tooth and using these to support an artificial tooth, which fills the gap. This artificial tooth, called a pontic from the Latin for bridge, will create the appearance of a full set of teeth and can also be used to eat and chew.

If the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are in a sufficiently good condition it is possible to bond the pontic using resin strips only, as this saves the need for enamel removal needed to attach crowns. A dental bridge from a Bath dentist could be the perfect way to restore the appearance of your teeth as well as rebuilding your confidence in your smile. If you have suffered the embarrassment of a knocked out tooth, ask about dental bridges at your next appointment.

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