Rid yourself of the scourge of bad breath with tips from dentists in Bath

Bad breath is something that occasionally or more frequently affects the lives of many people in the United Kingdom. But regular visits and consultations with expert Bath dentists can be the best way to get rid of the condition once and for all. Bad breath can really hit the self confidence of those who suffer from it as they struggle with the difficult fact that unpleasant smells are coming from their mouth they talk, smile or even breathe.

Recognising what causes bad breath is the first step to take in beating the affliction, then the knowledge can be applied to your own circumstances. Once you know what is causing your bad breath then you can take the steps to avoid the situation in the first place.

It might simply be the case that dietary choices are making your breath smell unpleasant. Certain foods and drinks tend to linger in the mouth and their odour will be emitted for some time after they have been eaten. Garlic and coffee are two famous culprits. In such cases the effects tend to be short term and sufferers only experience bad breath occasionally.

More severe cases of bad breath are when patients experience it on a regular basis and find that the unpleasant smell is hard to get rid of. Problems of this nature can be due to flawed oral hygiene habits. Just like plaque, bad breath is caused by a certain bacteria that is produced by food and then hangs around the mouth until it is shifted. If the teeth are not brushed properly and subjected to flossing then the bacteria will persist. Consider the fact that bad breath bacteria likes conditions which are dry and so one should strive to make the mouth as moist as possible in order to beat bad breath.