Rooting and ridding yourself of tooth decay in Swindon

Tooth decay is one of those never ending issues that will forever threaten the health of your mouth until the day you die in Swindon. It starts quite silently behind the scenes with the acids from food and drink eating away at the enamel of your teeth. If it gets hold, you may suffer from pain in your teeth whenever you bite on them or they are exposed to changes in temperature; at this stage you may get away with a filling, but if the decay is allowed to go further, it will infect the inside of your teeth and get into the roots. At this juncture, the only way you can save your tooth is to have root canal treatment and although it sounds gruesome, modern dental technology can have you cleaned up in around half an hour. It involves the removal of the pulp inside the tooth and then the infected roots. Only then can your dentist fill the tooth after a thorough cleaning and seal the tooth with a filling: in serious cases the tooth may require a crown fitted to restore the tooth to its former size and shape. This treatment isn’t as bad as histories dictates, and if you want to know more about the how’s, the why’s and where you can get the treatment done where you live, then give the Clifton Dental Studio a call over in Bristol, for they serve the area and they know all about dental decay.