Say Goodbye to Gaps in Bath

Gaps can make your smile look unhealthy, unbalanced and unattractive, but if you don’t have perfectly positioned teeth, there is no need to panic. We have a host of treatment options available to close, cover or reduce gaps in your teeth to create a beautiful smile and a more confident you.

Treatment options for a gappy smile

If you have a missing tooth, the best options are dental bridges and dental implants. Bridges are more affordable, while implants last a lifetime. Bridges are custom-made and treatment can be completed in around two weeks, while implant treatment takes several months, as the implant integrates into the bone tissue to take on the role of the tooth root.

Treatments for gaps between the teeth

If you have spaces between the teeth, there are various choices, including:

Veneers: veneers are porcelain shells, which are placed over the teeth to cover chipped and worn surfaces and gaps between the teeth to create a beautiful, flawless smile.

Cosmetic bonding: this is an affordable, quick and simple procedure, which can be used to repair chips and worn surfaces, as well as reducing the size of a gap between two teeth. It involves using dental composite, which is also used for white fillings; the composite is moulded to improve the shape of the tooth or close a gap and then set hard using a curing light.

Orthodontic treatment: orthodontic treatment is the best solution if you want a long-term treatment for gaps between the teeth. This form of treatment actually moves the teeth and there are many different options available, including fixed and removable braces.