Six month smile clinics in Chepstow

Six month smiles are a private dental clinic that offer orthodontic treatment in the form of fixed braces. The braces are subtly tooth coloured (including the wires) and target the front teeth for straightening only. The front 6 or 8 teeth only are revealed when your lips move apart in a smile, so the back molars really do not need to be straightened. As the treatment only focuses on a selection of your teeth, crooked teeth, gaps and misalignment can be corrected in less time than with traditional braces.

The first step is to find your local 6 month smile clinic near Chepstow and organise a consultation. You must ensure that the clinic is properly certified to provide 6 month smile braces and should be situated close to home or work as you will need to attend several appointment before your treatment is complete. A free 6 moth smile consultation is offered by some clinics and this will give the patient an opportunity to discuss the treatment with no obligations.

X-rays and photographs will be taken in your consultation so that your dentist can better examine your mouth and outline the results that he or she hope will be achieved by 6 month braces.

A mould will then be taken of your teeth, this is so the 6 month smile laboratory can fabricate a template that will direct the dentist in how to attach your brackets and wires properly to each tooth. However, if your dentist has had much experience, they may not need the template and may fit the braces straight away. This speed up treatment time as the laboratory can sometimes take up to 4 weeks.