Six Months to a New Smile in Swindon

Orthodontic problems such as crooked and crowded teeth can make you feel self-conscious and awkward in social situations. If you’re lacking confidence because of your teeth or you long for a beautiful, straight smile, we have a range of treatments ready and waiting to make your dream a reality. Six Month Smiles is one of our most popular treatments and it could be just the ticket if you’ve been searching for a swift and comfortable solution for crowded, crooked or gappy teeth.

Everything you need to know about Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a modern take on the traditional fixed brace and it presents itself as an amazing option for patients who have issues with their front teeth. Traditionally, orthodontic treatment takes at least 12 months, but with this speedy treatment, you can enjoy your brand new smile in just 6 months.

Six Month Smiles braces cut treatment time by concentrating solely on the front teeth and using the latest technology, including specially designed self-ligating memory wires, to move the teeth quickly. This technology also helps to reduce friction, and therefore enhances comfort.

Six Month Smiles treatment

After your consultation, treatment can begin and we will fit your braces. Six Month Smiles are smaller and finer than traditional fixed braces and they are made from discreet components, including tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets, to produce more appealing aesthetics. Once your braces are on, you don’t have to do anything but keep them clean and attend your follow-up appointments; the braces will do all the hard work for you! Once treatment is complete and we are happy with the position of the teeth, we will take your braces off and you can have a good look at your beautiful smile.

After treatment, we provide retainers to help hold the teeth securely in position and reduce the risk of relapse.