Sleep Peacefully All Year Round with Bristol Anti-Snoring Treatment

Snoring is often a problem people joke about, but it can actually have a very negative impact on a person’s life. Snoring increases the risk of interrupted sleep patterns, which can affect mood, energy levels and concentration. It often has a knock-on effect on others in the household. If you’re worried about snoring, or snoring is causing strain on your relationships or creating problems at work, we have the solutions to help you sleep peacefully all year round.

Why do we snore?

Snoring is very common and most people snore every now and then. Often, snoring is linked to sleeping position, allergies and illnesses (such as coughs and colds). Sometimes, however, it can indicate that the body is struggling to get sufficient oxygen. If you snore on a regular basis, it is advisable to seek help to enable you and the people around you to enjoy peaceful nights of sleep.

The most common risk factors for snoring include: drinking alcohol, smoking, obesity, allergies and lying on your back can also increase the risk of snoring.

What can be done for snoring?

Often, adapting sleeping position can help with snoring, but if snoring persists or you snore on a regular basis no matter which position you sleep in, other steps may be recommended. In many cases, lifestyle changes can make a significant difference and it’s advisable to try and adapt a healthier lifestyle if you are overweight, you smoke or you drink more than recommended daily intake of alcohol. Losing weight, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake and doing more exercise can all help with snoring.

We are also able to provide custom-designed anti-snoring appliances such as Somnowell, that help to increase air flow while you sleep. Somnowell appliances work by moving the jaw forward slightly, which helps to keep the airway open. Treatment can also be beneficial for people who suffer with sleep apnoea and tooth grinding.