Smart Smiling in just 6 Months in Chepstow

Getting fixed braces fitted into your mouth isn’t going to be one of the better experiences in your life and traditionally, it can be in you for years; but they do work very well indeed and cope with very difficult and complex scenarios. But modern orthodontics has taken the best qualities from these braces and modernised them in the form of the 6 Months Smile. This device works like a normal brace, dealing with all manner of teeth issues, but a lot faster and it centres more on specific problem teeth that protrude when you smile. You will have subtly coloured plates and wires fitted to the surfaces of your teeth (giving it discretion), which are then anchored to the back of the mouth. Every now and again, your dentist will tighten the brace in order to keep your teeth moving and as long as you keep it clean and watch your oral hygiene your teeth can be sorted out in just those 6 months that it says in the brochure. For more information on this brilliant little treatment in Chepstow, call Clifton Dental over in Bristol, as they serve the town well.