Spot the Signs of Oral Cancer in Bristol

At Clifton Dental Studio, we encourage all of our patients to come to regular oral cancer screening appointments. Oral cancer is often only diagnosed at an advanced stage; however we use the latest technology that allows us to spot early signs of oral cancer before they’re visible to the naked eye.

What causes oral cancer?

The main risk factors for oral cancer are smoking, drinking alcohol an exposure to a sexually transmitted infection known as human papillomavirus (HPV). Poor diet can also increase the risk of oral cancer. People that smoke and drink regularly are up to 30% more likely to develop cancer than a non-smoker who doesn’t drink.

Symptoms of oral cancer

The most common signs of oral cancer are white or red patches in the mouth, abnormal swelling or lumps in the mouth or throat, and ulcers that take longer than 2 weeks to heal. Other symptoms include prolonged periods of hoarseness and a constant sore throat.

What is oral cancer screening?

Oral cancer screening involves a short, painless test which searches for abnormal tissue and changes in the oral tissue that could be associated with oral cancer. This test enables us to detect oral cancer in its earlier stages, meaning that there is a much higher survival rate.