Spotting and Treating Periodontal Disease in Chepstow

There are some very serious conditions that threaten your oral health and periodontal disease is just one of them; it is often thought of as gum disease, but it is more like gum disease plus one. Everything starts with plaque; it will soon harden into tartar if left alone, then it will infect the gums and induce decay into the teeth. The early signs of periodontal disease can be bleeding gums or severe toothache and you need to act fast in order to stop this going any further. You may well require a filling or a root canal; you will also need to address your lifestyle- your habits, and improve your oral hygiene if you want to avoid gum disease. If you do nothing about any of this, the decay will destroy the inside of your teeth and the gums will start to recede and peel away from the surfaces of the teeth, and both will improve the odds of abscesses breaking out…and it gets worse. The bacteria will then obliterate the gums and cause the bone below the teeth to decay, ending with your teeth falling out. If periodontal disease gets to this stage, recovery will involve tissue and bone grafts and apart from being painfully complex, it will be painfully expensive too. For more advice about the dangers of periodontal disease and how to avoid it, give Clifton Dental of Bristol a call; they operate around the Chepstow area and are experts in this field of dentistry.