Stop Snoring for Good in Weston Super Mare

Snoring is often joked about between partners, but it isn’t always a laughing matter. Snoring can have a negative impact on your daily life. If you or someone you share a bed with is a smoker, you’ll no doubt be aware of the damage caused by lack of sleep. Whether it’s losing concentration at work, arguing with loved one or feeling tired all day long, snoring can cause definite problems. Here at Clifton Dental Studio, we have the perfect solution to getting you a good night’s sleep.

How can I stop snoring?

Sometimes, certain lifestyle changes can reduce the amount you snore. Adapting your diet, cutting down on smoking and alcohol and changing your sleeping position can all result in a better night’s sleep. However, if these changes are not enough, Clifton Dental Studio can offer anti-snoring treatment from Somnowell.

What is Somnowell?

Somnowell have created an extensive range of anti-snoring appliances and therapies that can help to combat snoring and allow you a better quality of sleep. The Somnowell anti-snoring device we offer is designed to hold the lower jaw in a position called ‘the recovery position’. This position helps to keep the airway open and make sure that your body takes in enough oxygen. This durable device is the leading mandibular advancement appliance, and is beneficial in preventing oral health problems due to its resistance to bacteria and fungi.

If you (or your partner!) snore, you don’t have to suffer any longer. Arrange a consultation at Clifton Dental Studio today and we’ll get you sleeping soundly in no time.