Stop Snoring for Good with Our Sensational Treatments

If snoring is keeping your household awake at night or causing arguments with your partner, now is the time to act. At Clifton Dental Studio, we understand the importance of good quality sleep and we have effective treatments available to prevent snoring and restore peace at home.

About snoring

Snoring is the name given to noises made when you sleep, which occur as a result of the soft tissue at the back of the throat vibrating. These noises include snorting, grunting and breathing heavily. Most people snore from time to time, usually when they have been drinking alcohol, when they sleep on their back or when they are ill with a cough or cold; however, sometimes, snoring can be persistent and if this is the case, there may be an underlying cause.

The most common risk factors for snoring include:

  • being overweight
  • smoking
  • lying on your back
  • drinking alcohol (especially before you go to bed)
  • allergies

What can be done about snoring?

In many cases, making basic changes to your sleep routine and the position you sleep in can have very positive effects; this may involve sleeping on your side and avoiding alcohol in the evenings. In other cases, making slightly more drastic lifestyle changes may be advisable; this may include cutting down on drinking, giving up smoking and losing weight by following a healthy eating plan and doing more exercise.

We can also help snorers by providing a custom-made appliance called the Somnowell mandibular advancement device; this device helps to prevent snoring by opening up the airway while you sleep and increasing air flow. The Somnowell device works by moving the lower jaw forward slightly and maintaining this position when you are asleep. The appliance is easy to use and it is fitted to you, so you should find it very comfortable. We recommend Somnowell because it is tried and tested and the results are very impressive; if you would like to find out more, simply give us a call.