Straight teeth without the sacrifice with Invisalign braces from Swindon dentist

The Invisalign orthodontic straightening treatment consists of a series of invisible plastic retainers worn for two weeks at a time, affecting slow realignment of the teeth. Each retainer is individually manufactured for the patient’s teeth to help achieve the desired straightening results.

By using the latest 3D imaging technology, a Swindon dentist is able to project what the teeth will look like at the end of treatment and at every stage throughout its course. The retainers are also manufactured according to the specifications of the 3D treatment plan.

The major advantage of the Invisalign treatment is of course the discretion it offers. Many patients would like straighter teeth but are too self-conscious or unwilling to make the sacrifice of unattractive metal braces. Invisalign retainers are manufactured from one-millimetre thick clear plastic that is practically invisible when worn by the patient. This means that it is now possible to straighten teeth without completely sacrificing the appearance of your smile. This has proved to be very popular with many teenagers keen not to stand out from the crowd, and also many young professionals wishing to avoid the stigma of wearing a brace later in life.

The other major bonus of Invisialign retainers is that unlike some other braces, they are completely removable which means that teeth can still be effectively cleaned and there is little interruption to eating habits. Invisalign braces are designed to fit around your life with as little impact as possible. They are even significantly more comfortable than all other straightening devices because of the absence of wire and bracket mechanisms that require tightening.

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