Straighten Crooked Teeth in Just Six Months

In years gone by, people who had orthodontic issues wore braces for 12, 24 even 36 months, but today, we can create amazing results in just six months, thanks to incredible orthodontic innovations, such as Six Month Smiles.

All about Six Month Smiles

If time is of the essence or you’re eager to impress at a wedding or a landmark birthday party, Six Month Smiles could be the ideal solution for you. This swift orthodontic system uses the latest technology to move the teeth rapidly, enabling you to show off a new smile in half the time of most other fixed brace treatments.

It’s understandable to wonder how this brace works so much faster than others and to assume that there must be some kind of catch. However, we can assure you that Six Month Smiles is every bit as impressive as it sounds. This system is able to achieve results quickly for two key reasons: firstly, it focuses on the front teeth only, as these are the teeth that are visible when you smile, and secondly, it uses state of the art technology to accelerate tooth movement.

What do Six Month Smile braces look like?

The good news for patients who are looking for speed and style is that Six Month smile braces are incredibly discreet. They are made from clear components and are fine and delicate, so you don’t need to worry about feeling self-conscious when you smile.

Is Six Month Smiles for me?

This system is designed to benefit patients who have minor to moderate issues that concern the front teeth. If you need a lot of movement or you have issues that involve the entire arch, other treatments may be recommended. When you have your consultation, your dentist will carry out some tests and checks to see if Six Month Smiles is a viable option. If this is not the best solution, your dentist will be happy to talk about other treatment options with you and explain the pros and cons of all the suitable treatments to help you make a decision.