Super Scaling and prim Polishing in Bath

Many people may like to think that they have got oral hygiene down to a fine art and even consider that they can avoid going to see the dentist from time to time; if you are one of these people, then you are being wildly stupid. You may consider that just because you have bought the best gear, looking after your teeth is a foregone conclusion. But avoiding the dentist can be very dangerous to your oral health, as it only takes 24 hours before bacteria in the mouth will start to mess with the surfaces of your teeth. If this goes on, the bacteria will also start to get below the gum-line and cause infection and disease, and it’s a place that even the best gadgets can’t get to. When you go to see your dentist an x-ray or a probe will highlight any problems going on below the gums and if so, your dentist can give you a scale to remove anything down there; in affect, this is a deep clean and it will keep your teeth free from bacteria. This treatment is also backed up with a polish; if the teeth are highly smooth, it makes it very hard for sticky film to cling to, as well as leaving your teeth feeling and looking fresh. In fact, your dentist can do this for you anyway whenever you visit. For more on this cute little treatment and other issues concerning cleaning your teeth, give Clifton Dental a call; they are based in Bristol but they serve the bath area as well.