Supersonic 6 Months Smile in Chepstow

Braces eh? Can’t be doing with them, but if your mouth is showing signs of trouble for you in the future, you can’t do without them either. Throughout your life in Chepstow, your dentist will endeavour to protect the occlusion of your mouth, or its ‘bite’ and there are many treatments on hand to do this with, the main one being orthodontics, which is the art of teeth straightening through the use of braces. Fixed braces have come in for a lot of ‘stick’ over the years for being ugly and their treatments lengthy, but their modern derivatives have change all of that and the 6 Months Smile has been one of them responsible for this turn around. It takes everything ‘good’ from these old braces, like careful precision aligning of the teeth to remedy biting problems, and then modernises it with its flashy discreet materials which are hard for a passer-by to spot in the mouth. Another thing about this brace is that it is also designed to only work on those teeth that offend the eye when you smile. It’s a simple device that consists of small clear ceramic plates placed on the surface of the teeth and linked by a single wire that is anchored to the rear of the mouth; you make regular visits to the dentist to have it tightened so that the teeth keep moving. Like it says in the brochure, this can all be over within 6 months. If you want more information about this happy little device, then Clifton Dental of Bristol, who serves your area, can give you all the information you need.