Supersonic CEREC comes to Chepstow

Are you one of these people in Chepstow that are ‘so’ on the move all of the time that you barely have time for yourself? And if so, do you always need to look your best at all times? Well part of the jigsaw of looking good is the way you talk and smile and after all, it is one of the first things that people identify you with when you first open your mouth. Time is of the essence for some people so if you are one of these modern day dandies, you may well like to learn that you can walk into some dentists and have a complete makeover or rebuild within in the hour. CEREC was always going to come along at some point, it just required the technology of modern computers and digital imagery to make the concept work. Here’s the rub- say you have the ultimate meeting at 2pm and your teeth are not at their best and maybe require some veneers. Well, sit yourself down in the chair and let the dentist take pictures of the teeth that need fixing, and then while you are being prepared, the information is fed into a milling machine that will produce your fitting before your very eyes! Then you will be fitted straight away with your new look and off you go to your meeting. CEREC can create not only veneers, but crowns and bridges too within the hour. Dentistry truly has upped its game and gone all futuristic on us- thank goodness.