Swindon dentist prevents dental extraction with expert treatment

Dental extraction is the process of having one or more teeth completely removed by a dentist. This usually takes place either during one appointment or over a number of sessions depending on the number of teeth that need to be taken out. There are many reasons why teeth may need to be removed but some of the most common are: severe gum disease or tooth decay has made it too painful and dangerous to have the tooth remain in the mouth, a tooth that is broken beyond repair, teeth that are too overcrowded and need some space to align and due to wisdom teeth issues.

There are alternatives to extraction in some cases such as antibiotics and painkillers but these are more often than not simply short-term solutions and the wider issue will remain. For overcrowding issues it is possible to correct the problem with braces and by moving teeth in different ways. An orthodontist would need to see if this was possible without an extraction. If a tooth is infected it may be possible to save it with a root canal operation instead of an extraction, but not in all cases. Again, a Swindon dentist would need to make an assessment.

Before you have an extraction it is important that you prepare in the right way. This may mean keeping your teeth cleaner than usual and not smoking in the days and weeks before the operation. Similar care will be needed after the operation to ensure that you do not suffer from an infection. Obviously the procedure will take place under an anaesthetic but after this wears off you may experience some pain. Your dentist will be able to recommend something to help you with this and will tell you what other precautions to take.

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