Swindon Dentist Uses Dental Composites To Create Natural Looking Teeth

The technology of aesthetic dentistry has improved to the point that dentists are now able to make very lifelike teeth to replace ones that are disfigured or discolored. The main reason why they are able to do it is because of substances called dental composites. According to a Swindon dentist, these dental composites can be used to make artificial teeth that are almost indistinguishable from real teeth. They are made of resins and they also have ingredients that give them translucency and resistance. Their other advantage is that they can be very easily molded to make a very natural looking tooth.

Of course, these resins are not without their disadvantages. They take at least half as much longer to fix than traditional amalgams. This quite naturally increases the time that a patient has to spend in doctor’s offices. This treatment is also quite expensive. The other disadvantage of using dental composites is that they do not last too long, especially if that particular tooth has a lot of chewing to do.

On the whole, these new composites are well worth the price if they are used on front teeth where appearance is important. It is not always a good idea to use them on molars because these teeth need to do a lot of grinding.

A person who requires this treatment needs to go to a dental practice that has dentists who are well experienced with using it. An inexperienced dentist might not be able to get a good job done.

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