Swindon dentists help patients improve their dental health through dietary choices

The most important aspects of maintaining excellent dental health are of course how you take care of your teeth. Brushing and flossing are the main components of this and have a major impact in terms of the removal of plaque so that dental decay and gum disease are avoided. But there are other things to be taken into consideration also, such as what your diet consists of.

Plaque is the substance that causes most of the possible problems in mouths. Removal is of course crucial, but it can help if you are avoiding the foods which cause plaque to occur in the first place. The main things to remember are that plaque is produced in the greatest profusion when you eat sugary or starchy food.

To this end, it is best to keep sugary and starchy foods to a minimum. Things like boiled sweets are especially bad in terms of plaque production and the same can be said of sugary soft drinks. What many people don’t know is that things like potato crisps can produce high levels of plaque also. It is always worth considering the physical aspects of the foods that you eat. Crisps for example, tend to stick to the teeth and can easily get lodges in between teeth too. Fruit and fruit juice are high in natural sugar but they do not stick as easily to teeth.

If you want to eat foods like sweets and crisps, keep them to a minimum but also consider giving your teeth a brush and floss afterwards to get rid of the plaque that has formed. Chew some chewing gum if brushing is not possible. Dentists in Swindon have access to a great store of advice when it comes to dental health and dietary considerations.