Swindon dentists offer patients revolutionary tooth replacement treatment: dental implants

The history tooth replacement over the last several centuries is a story of quite remarkable leaps forward in the technology used and the results achieved for patients. From a position a few hundred years ago when people were replacing missing teeth with pieces of wood and animal teeth and bones to the current innovation of dental implants, patients are having their tooth loss problems solved in an extremely effective fashion.

Without doubt, dental implants represent the most secure and long-lasting way to replace lost teeth. What a dental implant amounts to is a replacement of the root part of a lost tooth and it is just as secure. The procedure involves your dentist making an incision into the gum and placing a socket into it that a replacement tooth can be housed in.

The really incredible thing about dental implants is that they truly become a part of your mouth. Thanks to some pioneering work done in the nineteen fifties, it was found out that the metal titanium naturally fuses with living bone. This discovery has been utilised in dental implant work so that the implant is placed against the jaw bone, allowing the titanium and the bone to fuse together in time.

Dental implants are not cheap and the invasive nature of the surgery means that it is not suitable for every one. But if you are a suitable candidate then it is worth considering because the results are long-lasting and incredibly stable. Your Swindon dentist will be able to examine your mouth and give you further advice about what having dental implants placed means for you; book an appointment to find out more details today.