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Opting for Cosmetic Bonding in Bath- Clifton Dental tells you why

Cosmetic dentistry has taken the city of Bath by storm with all of promises of beautiful teeth and it doesn’t let you down either, as there is a treatment for very crisis, sometimes two. This is especially true when it come to the problem of dealing with teeth that have gaps in them, have become worn and cracked and become badly discoloured- the gums may also be receding. The two options you have here is to have either some veneers fitted or get some dental bonding done. Veneers are great but it the treatment can take a couple of weeks to complete: cosmetic bonding can be done in the hour- which is great if you are in a rush. It’s a simple process of applying individual layers of coloured resin onto the surface of the teeth so that the dentist can sculpture them into the desired shape, whilst hiding away all of your problems. It’s a versatile treatment that can be simply touch-up in the future if something goes wrong, unlike veneers that have to be replaced if they get damaged. If they have one pitfall, it is that being resin in bonding is vulnerable to staining, but then again this is easily remedied by have it touched-up once more. Clifton Dental in Bristol has all the information you need on cosmetic bonding and where you can have it done in the area.  

Cosmetic bonding treatment in Bath

Cosmetic bonding is a restorative surgery that uses a plastic resin to repair broken teeth, gaps, and discoloured teeth. The procedure requires the placement of resin composites in the back and front teeth, to restore teeth affected by decay, improve the appearance of yellowing teeth and can even be used to reshape the teeth. A thin coat of resin is placed into etchings on the surface of your tooth, more layers of this resin are then added. Your dentist will then place a bonding material onto your teeth can begin to colour, shape and sculpt your teeth until they are happy with the result.. High-intensity light will then be used to harden the plastic, and your newly protected teeth will be finely polished. The main benefit of cosmetic bonding is it’s advantage over silver fillings. As silver does not stick to the teeth, healthy tooth structure must be removed in order to keep a silver filling in place. Composites however, allow for the removal of the decayed area of the tooth only. Composite resin bonding are much less likely to cause cracks in your tooth as they expand with the teeth. Bonding provides support for the teeth as the bond directly onto their surface. Finally, composites can be used to fill in cracks, chips and gaps and can be colour matched to perfection for discreet results. Prices of dental bonding in Bath differ depending on the individual and also vary due to the extent of the cosmetic bonding needed by the patient. Prices normally start from £300 to £600 per tooth.

Cosmetically Bonding in Bristol

We don’t want the fuss, but we all want to look good as well in Bristol and one of the best starting points is to get our teeth done up. Now you can be excused for getting a bit blinded by choice here because there is so much to choose from, but one of the most tactile and easy ways of getting your teeth up to scratch is to opt for cosmetic bonding. Except for the chosen few, most of us are going to go through the transition of age which will inevitably show up in the wear and tear in our teeth. Cracks and gaps may appear, teeth can become discolored and generally, the appearance can look very aged. Cosmetic bonding however can change all this in one sitting as it is a slick and simple answer to all of these problems. When you plant yourself down in the chair, your teeth will be given a little clean first before the first layer of resin is applied to the offending area and then cured with heat. Over and over again the process is repeated until there is enough material for your dentist to sculpture. Gently your teeth will be shaped until the desired effect is achieved, then they are polished to perfection. The beautiful thing about this treatment is that it is so flexible and can be easily touched up if and when it is required. It does have a few flaws, one in as much as its longevity compared to other cosmetic treatments. But for if you want to get in and out in a hurry, cosmetic bonding is the way to go.

Simple cosmetic bonding from Gloucester dentist provides stunning results

There are many extremely complex and visually stunning cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be used to restore the appearance of the teeth. But just like most things in life, it is the simple solution that is usually the best. Treatments such as dental veneers and porcelain crowns can have stunning effects on the teeth and completely change the appearance of a smile, but it even these depend upon the old faithful cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic bonding is made from a composite resin and is very durable when set hard. The uses for cosmetic bonding are varied and manifold and it plays a part in almost all cosmetic treatments. In fact, cosmetic bonding is so important in modern dentistry there are even dentists who specialise solely in its use. Before use, the Gloucester dentist will prepare the bonding by mixing it to the right consistency and colour to match the other teeth. They will then prepare the tooth that requires the bonding by etching it and making the surface rough so that the bonding will grip firm. It is then skilfully applied and moulded into the desired shape. The intense heat of a dental laser is then used to make the bonding solid. The most common uses for bonding are as material for fillings (replacing the old controversial silver amalgam fillings), as a form of teeth whitening by covering areas of discolouration with thin applications and also to repair chipped and worn tooth enamel to restore its shape. The other major bonus of using composite bonding is that it is very affordable when compared to other treatments such as porcelain veneers and crowns. Durable and effective, dental bonding is the unsung hero of the dental world but could be just the treatment you are looking for to improve the appearance of your smile.

The many uses of cosmetic bonding at Bath dentist

As you may have seen from the various TV makeover shows that have been flooding our screens over the last few years, there is very little that cannot be achieved with teeth these days. Even the most worn down, unevenly spaced and discoloured teeth can be transformed into beautiful, shining white smiles full of healthy looking teeth. There are many cosmetic dental processes that can be used to create these stunning results. Porcelain veneers and dental crowns, as well as whitening treatments and orthodontic straighteners can all be used as part of a wider smile makeover. There is one cosmetic dentistry procedure that can be used to either aid or as a substitute for virtually every other cosmetic dentistry and is also significantly cheaper. Cosmetic bonding uses a composite resin, closely matched to the colour of the existing enamel to cement crowns and veneers. It can also be used to repair small crack and chips that may have damaged the teeth. In fact, cosmetic bonding is so versatile and important in the world of cosmetic dentistry that dentists are actually able to specialise solely in the practice of using it. Bonding specialists are extremely skilled and can use it to replace worn or lost enamel building up teeth for protection. Cosmetic bonding is also widely used as a filling material replacing the unattractive and controversial silver amalgam fillings. Cosmetic bonding is also used by Bath dentist to cover areas of discolouration as an alternative to porcelain veneers. Although perhaps not quite as visually effective, for smaller areas of discolouration bonding will adequately disguise discoloured patches and is also much more cost effective.

Rejuvenate your teeth in one afternoon with cosmetic bonding from Bath dentist

Cosmetic bonding is a dental process that has been used for a long time to rejuvenate the appearance of a smile. The versatile resin can transform a patient’s teeth in only one visit and because of its affordability it is a very popular procedure. The process itself involves the skilful mixing of resin to closely match the colour of the existing teeth and then moulding it to the desired shape before setting it hard with the intense heat of a laser. Cosmetic bonding has a wide variety of uses in dentistry. It is most commonly used to fill dental cavities, especially to replace old sliver amalgam fillings that many believe to release dangerous mercury vapours. It is also widely used to repair broken or damaged teeth and also for cosmetic purposes on discoloured or worn teeth. These are just some of the many uses of cosmetic bonding (also known as dental bonding or resin bonding). Cosmetic bonding is not ideally used to fill large cavities because it loses some of its strength over large areas. In these instances many dentists are turning to computer aided technology to manufacture porcelain inlays for large cavities. These can then be cemented and covered with dental bonding for extra support. Most dental bonding procedures, unless dealing with an exposed cavity, can be carried out without the use of anaesthetic. The application usually involves etching the surface of the tooth to allow for added grip then spreading several thin layers of dental bonding over the area. This is set using the laser heat source before the bonding is polished and buffed to closely resemble the smooth appearance of tooth enamel. Nearly all dentists are skilled in the application of dental bonding because of its many uses, however, for cosmetic purposes some dentists are more highly skilled in finishing than others. A Bath dentist will be able to advise you further on the details of dental bonding. call 0117 973 1910 to make an appointment with Dr Gerrard for a consultation.

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