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We Can Transform Your Gummy Smile With Reshaping

If you have a gummy smile, we are here to help! Using the latest contouring techniques, we can shape your gums to create a more attractive smile and ensure you feel more confident when your smile is in the spotlight.

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is an aesthetic problem that occurs when an excessive amount of gum tissue is visible when you smile. A gummy smile usually makes the teeth look smaller. With a gummy smile there are no painful symptoms, but many people feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile and this often has a major bearing on the way they feel.

About the gum contouring procedure

Gum contouring is a cosmetic technique designed to provide a solution for a gummy smile. The aim of the procedure is to reshape the gums to make more of the tooth crowns visible and improve the overall look and balance of the smile. We use the latest techniques to gently trim away tiny pieces of the gum tissue to expose more of the tooth crown. This makes the teeth look longer and larger and enhances the overall aesthetic of the smile. We perform gum reshaping in a single session and it is a comfortable and quick procedure. If you’re conscious of your gummy smile and dream of feeling more confident and sporting an attractive, healthy looking smile, why not give us a call and book a consultation? During your consultation, we will explain exactly what treatment entails and how it could benefit you. We can also show you some images of what your smile could look like after treatment to give you an idea of what you can expect if you choose to go ahead.

What is a Gummy Smile and How Are They Treated?

A gummy smile is a cosmetic dental issue that is corrected easily and effectively with gum contouring treatment. A gummy smile is not something that threatens oral or general health or causes you to experience any painful symptoms. However, it can affect your confidence and many people who have a gummy smile feel self-conscious when they talk or show their teeth to other people. A gummy smile is the name given to the appearance of the smile when there is a large amount of gum tissue covering the teeth. It often means that the teeth look short and small. As your smile is one of your most noticeable features, it’s understandable that you would feel uncomfortable when it is in the limelight and seek ways to make it look more attractive. With gum contouring treatment, we can help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile and ensure that you don’t want to hide away in the future.

What is gum contouring?

Gum contouring, also known as gum reshaping, is a technique used to balance the aesthetic of the smile by decreasing the amount of gum tissue that can be seen when you smile and shaping the gums to create a more attractive look. This procedure involves taking away extremely small pieces of the gum tissue to expose more of the tooth crown. The teeth look longer and larger and the overall look of the smile is greatly improved. If you have uneven gums or you dislike the appearance of your smile, we can help. Call today to book an appointment and see how we could transform your gummy smile and boost your confidence.

Bath banishes Gummy Smiles for good

386703_blogHave you ever heard the term ’gummy smile’? Well this term id used to describe a smile where the gum and teeth are not in proportion. Often the guns are covering more of the tooth’s surface than is normal and give teeth a smaller appearance. This is not a problem for many, nor does it affect the health of the teeth and gums, but it is a cosmetic procedure done for the aesthetics of the teeth and smile. It is fast becoming a popular cosmetic treatment as it can change the appearance of the smile so quickly. Depending on treatment needed we offer procedures which can reshape and lift the gums in just one appointment. The procedures are pain-free and can give a more even symmetry to the mouth, teeth and gums. Gums that cover the teeth can leave teeth looking small and peg like. Lifting the gums so that more tooth in seen and less gum is shown can easily rectify this. Gum contouring can make a big difference to ho the teeth look and can give a boost of confidence to patients after treatment. Contact Clifton Dental of Bristol for more help and information.

Reshape Gums and banish a Gummy Smile in Swindon

3170978_blogIf you’re unhappy with your smile because you feel there is too much gum tissue on show or your gums appear to dominate your smile, we can help. Gum re-shaping, also known as gum contouring, is a very effective cosmetic dental procedure, which adjusts the shape of the gums to compliment your teeth and produce a beautiful smile. We often use gum re-shaping to treat a gummy smile; this is an aesthetic problem, which occurs when the teeth are covered by more gum tissue than normal, making the teeth look short and small. The aim of the procedure is to reduce the amount of gum tissue that is visible and uncover more of the tooth crowns so that the smile looks more balanced and more attractive. The procedure usually takes less than an hour, is painless and makes an amazing difference to the appearance of your smile. Before the procedure, the gums are numbed and your Clifton Dental Studio dentist will then use their expertise to gently trim away tiny pieces of the gum to reveal more of the teeth and produce a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Although a gummy smile does not cause any pain or medical problems, we understand that if you’re unhappy with the look of your smile, this can have a negative impact on your confidence and we will do everything we can to ensure you leave our clinic with a beaming, radiant smile.  

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