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Weston-Super-Mare dentists offer effective solution to tooth loss with dental implants

Losing a tooth or teeth can be a painful business in itself but you ought to get it or them replaced as soon as possible so that complications don’t ensue. Remaining teeth can begin to shift into gaps left behind by missing teeth and your cheeks can sag inwards, making you look older than you are. There are a number of options for replacing lost teeth but dental implants are becoming increasingly popular because of their durability and effectiveness. A dental implant is essentially a substitute for the root part of the lost tooth. It is a bit like a socket, into which a replacement tooth can be secured. Dental implants need to be placed beneath the gum and local anaesthetic will be required. In order for the titanium implant to ‘osseointegrate’ or fuse with the bone, it must be placed against the jaw bone. The osseointegration means that dental implants represent an incredibly stable housing for your replacement tooth. So stable in fact that a replacement tooth using a dental implant can actually support further replacement teeth using dental bridge work. Therefore dental implants are not just a solution for those who have lost just one tooth. Often dentures are chosen if a number of teeth have been lost. These can come loose while eating and talking and have a tendency to get rather messy. Dental implants are preferable because of their permanence. The realistic replacement teeth can be treated just like your natural teeth and should last a life time providing you maintain good oral hygiene. If you have lost a tooth or some teeth, talk to your Weston-Super-Mare dentist today about what dental implants can do for you and your mouth.

Ask your Gloucester dentist for more information on dentures

The pain of loosing a tooth or teeth is only made worse by the subsequent difficulties you may experience with eating, drinking and talking. If you have lost a number of teeth you may take on an older appearance as your cheeks begin to sag into the spaces left behind. The best way to deal with this is to get dentures fitted to replace the missing teeth. Ask your Gloucester dentist about dentures today as the problem is best dealt with sooner. There are many reasons for tooth loss. You might have suffered an accident in a physical sport, had gum disease which ended with tooth loss or let your oral health regime slip to the point that a tooth fell out. Dentures can come as a complete set to replace all your teeth but partial dentures are available to replace a few which are missing. It is just as important to replace a few missing teeth as it is the whole set because your remaining teeth might begin to slip into the gaps. Dentures come in removable and non-removable varieties. If you want your dentures to be permanent you might opt for dental implants or fixed bridges. Dentures are usually made from acrylic resins and are more comfortable and realistic looking than ever before. If you want greater flexibility in your dentures, the Valplast cosmetic variety are made from a more malleable material which offers more comfort. If you are worried about your dentures slipping and making meal times and conversations more difficult, you could think about having mini-implants which allow your dentures to be fixed permanently to your mouth. They are relatively expensive but incredibly durable and practical. Otherwise dentures can be held by your gums’ natural section or by applying a fixing agent. Your dentures will need to be altered in the long term as your mouth changes but with the right care dentures can last many years.

Strong and permanent dental implants from Weston-super-Mare dentist

Weston-super-Mare dentists are now offering the most effective, sturdy and realistic way of replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are rapidly becoming the most popular way of filling that unsightly hole in your dental arc caused by a missing tooth. But just what is about dental implants that makes them so special? Unlike other dental restorations such as dental bridges and partial dentures, the dental implant replaces the whole of the tooth from root to crown. This means that it provides a solid and lifelike substitute for a real tooth and is also very strong. This is very good news for patients who have previously experienced the fragility of other restorations. This can include broken dental bridges because food of a certain consistency has proven too tough or hard for the repair. The other major advantage of dental implants is that they are permanent and will not need replacing after about ten years, so once it has been fitted it will last a lifetime. Dental implants come in the form of small metal screws, usually titanium, that are fitted directly into the jaw. They are then given a certain amount of time to settle in and become solid with the other tissue. Once this has happened they cam then be used as a base for the remainder of the treatment that involves a post and then artificial tooth, carefully chosen to match the colour, shape and size of the other teeth. It is also possible for patients who wear dentures to have a series of small implants fitted to act as a secure base. This eliminates the worry of loose dentures and also means patients can eat what they want when they want.

Lifelong dental implants from Swindon dentist

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are anchored directly into the jawbone, to act as an artificial tooth root and a base for a dental crown, to replace missing teeth. One implant can be used as a base for one or more teeth but as it is the only dental substitution that replaces the whole of the missing tooth and not just the crown, it provides a level of stability missing with other replacements. The implants are placed into the jawbone and given several weeks to fuse with the tissue and bone in a process called osseointergaration. Once the implants are fused solid with the tissue, the dentist will then attach posts which can be used as the base for an artificial tooth. Dental implants are the sturdiest dental substitutions and allow patients to live their lives exactly as they would with a complete set of real teeth. This is not the case with other dental replacements such as dental bridges and partial dentures. These can be more fragile and prohibit the eating of certain foods. It is also possible to have a series of mini-implants, usually five, to act as a solid base for dentures. The dentures are fitted with clips which can snap on and off to the implants. This keeps dentures firmly in place and removes the need for messy denture adhesive gels and strips. Dental implants from Swindon dentists may be more costly than other dental replacements but again unlike bridges and dentures, a dental implant will last for the rest of your life and not need to be replaced. This will almost certainly be cheaper in the long run.

Permanently replace missing teeth with dental implant from Bristol dentist

One of the first things we notice about people when we first meet them is their smile and their teeth. If a tooth is missing in a smile it is instantly obvious and if you have suffered a missing tooth you are almost certainly very aware of this fact. This can be embarrassing and lead to all manner of efforts to force smiles without opening your mouth. Having a defect such as a missing tooth can be bad for your self-confidence and could be holding you back in other areas of your life and even affecting your relationships. It may also be affecting the health of your other teeth. Missing teeth cause unwanted movement of the remaining teeth, which leads to misalignment and sometimes painful bite complaints such as TMJ. Therefore, Bristol dentists always recommend replacing a missing tooth or teeth as soon as possible. One of the most popular and permanent ways of doing this is with a dental implant. Implanted directly into the jawbone, a dental implant is a small titanium screw that acts as a base for an artificial crown. Because it replaces the root of the tooth as well as the visible part, it has many advantages over other dental replacements. For example, it will not prohibit the eating of certain foods which dental bridges and partial dentures might. Dental implants are almost always permanent and will not need replacing after a number of years. This means that once you have had the operation you can get on with your life and never have to worry about it again. Ask your dentist for more information about the benefits of dental implants.

Restore your confidence and your smile with a dental bridge from Bristol dentist

Even one missing tooth can seriously affect the way a person looks and not just because of the obvious gap in the teeth. Missing teeth leave gaps in the dental arc that allow other teeth to rotate and lean leading to a complete change in the appearance of the teeth. This can also affect bite alignment and have a negative impact on the facial tissue. Vacant spaces are also breeding grounds for plaque-forming and bad breath-causing bacteria. It is therefore very important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. One cosmetic option for replacing a missing tooth is a dental bridge. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth attached to crowns or resin-bonded strips that literally bridges the gap left by the missing tooth. This restores the appearance of the tooth from the gum up without having any attachment to the gum itself. This prevents bacteria build up and also braces the other teeth preventing any unwanted movement. Dental bridges are usually fitted over several visits to the dentist depending on the condition of the existing teeth. The type of bridge fitted also depends on the condition of the adjacent teeth. Teeth in better condition are likely to be resin bonded rather than remove healthy enamel for a crown. If properly cared for a dental bridge can last for up to fifteen years and serve all the functions of a natural tooth. Bristol dentists can fit dental bridges to fill the gap left by one or more teeth to help restore a patient’s confidence and their smile.

Comfortable and realistic dentures from Chepstow dentist replaces missing teeth

Losing some or all of your teeth can be a painful and embarrassing experience. Whether it is due to a dental trauma or simply the result of tooth decay, it is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. One option is to have dentures or a partial denture fitted by a Chepstow dentist. Although dentures will take some getting used to and can never compare to real teeth, modern dentures are more lifelike and comfortable than ever and are a more than sufficient replacement for your original teeth. A well-fitting set of modern dentures should not prevent you from doing anything you could ordinarily do with a set of real teeth. Dentures work by using a flesh-coloured acrylic palate base that sits over your gums. Attached to the palate is a row of realistic and healthy looking artificial teeth. Each set of dentures will be custom made according to moulds taken of your gums and manufactured in a dental laboratory. A well-made set of dentures should fit comfortably around the gums and be held in place by suction alone. Patients with ill-fitting dentures often resort to using denture adhesive gels and strips to secure their dentures, but these can often be messy and frankly more fuss than they are worth. It is important if you do wear dentures to have them regularly relined and rebased to fit the changing structure of your gum tissue. Loose fitting dentures can cause painful and damaging gum erosion that cannot be reversed. It is also important to take good care of your dentures to increase their lifespan. Having to wear dentures may not be the ideal situation, but with the appropriate dental advice, care and treatment a set of dentures can be just as effective and comfortable as real teeth.

Bristol dentist completes smile with dental bridge

Having missing teeth in your smile can be embarrassing and cause a loss of confidence but it can also have a series of adverse physical effects as well. Teeth missing from the dental arc can cause a change in bite, shifting of other teeth, speech impediments and an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. It is therefore important to replace the missing teeth with artificial dental substitutes as soon as possible. One option is to have a dental bridge fitted by a Bristol dentist. Dental bridges are fixed artificial teeth attached to dental crowns on either side of the gap and can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. There are several different types of dental bridge that can be used depending on the circumstances of the individual patient but typically all bridges will include an artificial bridging tooth called a pontic. If you are a suitable candidate for treatment the dentist will construct the bridge over the course of several visits. This may involve rebuilding damaged teeth so that they are strong enough to receive a dental crown. Once the crowns are in place, a pontic specifically chosen to fit the gap exactly and match the colour of the existing teeth can then be fixed using metal strips and dental bonding. The cost of the bridge will vary depending on the types of material used in manufacturing the bridge and the extent of the damage to the original teeth but will usually fall between £500 and £1.500. Once fixed, the dental bridge can last up to twenty years if properly cleaned and maintained through a strict oral hygiene regime. Although it would obviously be preferable to have your original teeth intact, dental bridge treatments provide an incredibly lifelike and sturdy alternative to real teeth and can prevent a series of unpleasant negative effects otherwise associated with missing teeth.

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