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Frequently Asked Questions: Six Month Smiles

Getting braces is a pretty big decision, so it’s understandable to have lots of questions if you’re thinking about having orthodontic treatment or considering your treatment options. At Clifton Dental Studio, we are delighted to offer a range of orthodontic systems and services, including the sensational Six Month Smiles. If you’re interested in finding out more about this fabulous fixed brace treatment, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:
  • How long does treatment take? This may seem obvious with a name like Six Month Smiles, but most patients are keen to know exactly how long their treatment will take. The average treatment time for this system is six months, but the exact time may vary slightly according to your individual needs.
  • Do Six Month Smiles braces hurt? It’s common to assume that braces are going to be painful and while they may be uncomfortable to begin with, the reality is that after the first couple of days you should find your braces very comfortable. Six Month Smiles uses the latest technology to produce gentle friction-free technology to move the teeth quickly with minimal discomfort. It is normal to find wearing braces a little odd at first, but you will soon get used to them.
  • Will I have to change what I eat? It’s true that eating certain types of foods can be difficult with braces, however you shouldn’t have to adapt your diet dramatically and you will soon get used to eating with your braces. For the first couple of days it is best to avoid chewy and hard foods.
  • How will I brush my teeth? You can still brush your teeth easily and effectively with braces and your dentist will show you how it’s done. With fixed braces, it’s a good idea to brush your teeth during the day as well as in the mornings and evenings, as food can get trapped in the brackets and bands.
  • What will my braces look like? Many patients have concerns about what they look like when they have their braces fitted. One of the best things about Six Month Smiles is that it offers a discreet alternative to traditional fixed braces. These sleek braces are made from clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, so they are barely noticeable.

Straighten Crooked Teeth in Just Six Months

In years gone by, people who had orthodontic issues wore braces for 12, 24 even 36 months, but today, we can create amazing results in just six months, thanks to incredible orthodontic innovations, such as Six Month Smiles.

All about Six Month Smiles

If time is of the essence or you’re eager to impress at a wedding or a landmark birthday party, Six Month Smiles could be the ideal solution for you. This swift orthodontic system uses the latest technology to move the teeth rapidly, enabling you to show off a new smile in half the time of most other fixed brace treatments. It’s understandable to wonder how this brace works so much faster than others and to assume that there must be some kind of catch. However, we can assure you that Six Month Smiles is every bit as impressive as it sounds. This system is able to achieve results quickly for two key reasons: firstly, it focuses on the front teeth only, as these are the teeth that are visible when you smile, and secondly, it uses state of the art technology to accelerate tooth movement.

What do Six Month Smile braces look like?

The good news for patients who are looking for speed and style is that Six Month smile braces are incredibly discreet. They are made from clear components and are fine and delicate, so you don’t need to worry about feeling self-conscious when you smile.

Is Six Month Smiles for me?

This system is designed to benefit patients who have minor to moderate issues that concern the front teeth. If you need a lot of movement or you have issues that involve the entire arch, other treatments may be recommended. When you have your consultation, your dentist will carry out some tests and checks to see if Six Month Smiles is a viable option. If this is not the best solution, your dentist will be happy to talk about other treatment options with you and explain the pros and cons of all the suitable treatments to help you make a decision.

Sensational Smiles in Six Months

Are crooked teeth getting you down? Do you have special event that you would love to celebrate with a sensational new smile? Are you searching for a sensational solution for orthodontic issues that doesn’t take an age to complete? If so, we can help! Six Month Smiles is a fixed brace system that uses state of the art technology to move the teeth rapidly, creating stunning smiles in just six months!

The ins and outs of Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a really impressive fixed brace treatment and it takes just six months to correct minor to moderate orthodontic issues. Treatment times are shorter than many other systems out there for two reasons: firstly, the braces employ the latest technology and secondly, the system focuses on the teeth than can be seen when you smile. Aside from rapid results, there are various additional benefits for patients to enjoy including discretion and enhanced comfort. These braces use self-ligating forces to reduce friction and discomfort and they are also made from clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, making them much less visible than conventional fixed braces.

When can Six Month Smiles be used?

Six Month Smiles braces are ideally suited to patients who have minor or moderate issues that involve the teeth located towards the front of the mouth. Examples of cases include mild crowding, gaps between the front teeth and crooked front teeth. They are an excellent choice for those who are looking for results in time for a special occasion such as a wedding or graduation. At Clifton Dental studio, we understand the impact orthodontic issues can have on confidence and self-esteem and we use treatments like Six Month Smiles to build our patient’s confidence and enable them to feel amazing when they smile. If you would like to find out more or book a consultation to see if Six Month Smiles is a good choice for you, call us today!  

Smart Smiling in just 6 Months in Chepstow

Getting fixed braces fitted into your mouth isn’t going to be one of the better experiences in your life and traditionally, it can be in you for years; but they do work very well indeed and cope with very difficult and complex scenarios. But modern orthodontics has taken the best qualities from these braces and modernised them in the form of the 6 Months Smile. This device works like a normal brace, dealing with all manner of teeth issues, but a lot faster and it centres more on specific problem teeth that protrude when you smile. You will have subtly coloured plates and wires fitted to the surfaces of your teeth (giving it discretion), which are then anchored to the back of the mouth. Every now and again, your dentist will tighten the brace in order to keep your teeth moving and as long as you keep it clean and watch your oral hygiene your teeth can be sorted out in just those 6 months that it says in the brochure. For more information on this brilliant little treatment in Chepstow, call Clifton Dental over in Bristol, as they serve the town well.  

6 Months and Smiling in Weston-super-mare

So people of Weston-super-mare, how would you like to finally get your teeth straightened quickly and with the minimal of fuss? Well you can thanks to the 6 Months Smile. It looks on paper like any other fixed brace that has ever gone before, but it takes all of the best qualities of traditional fixed braces and then and then gives it a modern take. Yes it will overcome the problems of biting and overcrowding with your teeth, but this brace is also specifically designed to tackle the teeth that stand out when you smile and then pull them into place quickly. This attention to detail on specific teeth and the fact that the brace is constantly tightened by your dentist as your treatment progresses means that the treatment can be over in just 6 months. It also uses modern, tooth coloured materials to give you, the wearer, the ultimate discretion through out. You will have to be vigilant when it comes to cleaning your teeth, but the treatment will be over with before you know it. If this has got you going, then give the Clifton dental studio of Bristol a call for more details on this subtle little brace.  

Clifton Dental can help make you Smile in 6 Months in Swindon

Calling all people of Swindon with funny teeth! How would you like to rid yourself of those gaps in your teeth, you know the teeth that stick out in all directions? And how would you like it to be done in just 6 months? Well, by contacting Clifton Dental, they can turn you on to the 6 months smile. That’s right, it does what it says on the packet- in 6 months you can eradicate your teeth problems and rejuvenate your smile. The great thing about this device is that although it has all the elements that you would find in those old school braces it comes packed with modern materials that are user friendly on the eye. This brace tends to pick out those problem teeth at the front of the mouth to which are placed tooth coloured ceramic plates. These in turn are linked together with a very subtle wire that attaches to a clear bracket at the back of the mouth. All this leads to a very discreet brace indeed. Every month, you will pop into the dentists for a check-up and to have the wire tightened to keep your teeth on the move and when it is all over, you are then presented with a retainer to use at your leisure to help stop the teeth from springing back out again. This is definitely a device you should consider in your quest for straight teeth.

Patients from Swindon enjoy a straighter smile in only 6 months

Do you feel awkward and try to avoid laughing when out and about in Swindon to stop people seeing your crooked smile? Do you keep your mouth shut when you smile because you are so embarrassed by the shape of your teeth? What you need to do is get yourself down to Clifton dental studio of Bristol and let them give you a 6 month smile! A 6 month smile is a discreet system of orthodontic braces which straightens out the front six to eight teeth. Most results are achieved after 6 months or so – hence the name. The front six to eight teeth are the ones which you display when you smile – hence the second part of the name! They are discreet because the use brackets and wires which are the same colour as your teeth. No-one need ever know you were wearing them. The principle is simple but you will need to leave some room in your diaries for a few appointments. You need an initial consultation to discuss your unique requirements, then if you go for it, you’ll need to come back to get a mould of your teeth. Using this, the dentist at Clifton dental studio will make up a template to make sure the wires and brackets are on the best place for your teeth. If you are lucky, the some experienced dentists or orthodontists might be able to put the brackets in place without the need for a template. This is not a skill you should expect from everyone though! When the braces start doing their job and your teeth start to move, you’ll need to make adjustments – to your braces as well as your life. Every 5-6 weeks your dentist can make changes and at the end the change will be permanent.  

Six month smile clinics in Chepstow

Six month smiles are a private dental clinic that offer orthodontic treatment in the form of fixed braces. The braces are subtly tooth coloured (including the wires) and target the front teeth for straightening only. The front 6 or 8 teeth only are revealed when your lips move apart in a smile, so the back molars really do not need to be straightened. As the treatment only focuses on a selection of your teeth, crooked teeth, gaps and misalignment can be corrected in less time than with traditional braces. The first step is to find your local 6 month smile clinic near Chepstow and organise a consultation. You must ensure that the clinic is properly certified to provide 6 month smile braces and should be situated close to home or work as you will need to attend several appointment before your treatment is complete. A free 6 moth smile consultation is offered by some clinics and this will give the patient an opportunity to discuss the treatment with no obligations. X-rays and photographs will be taken in your consultation so that your dentist can better examine your mouth and outline the results that he or she hope will be achieved by 6 month braces. A mould will then be taken of your teeth, this is so the 6 month smile laboratory can fabricate a template that will direct the dentist in how to attach your brackets and wires properly to each tooth. However, if your dentist has had much experience, they may not need the template and may fit the braces straight away. This speed up treatment time as the laboratory can sometimes take up to 4 weeks.

Give it 6 months and you’ll be smiling in Swindon

So how do you fancy getting your teeth straightened in 6 months in Swindon? Because you can you know. The 6 Months Smile is a fantastic aligner that is steeped in the history of traditional metal braces, but it incorporates modern materials and methods to pull your teeth into shape. Once you are fitted with this mechanism, it’s in for the duration, but only for 6 months. The first thing you will notice about this aligner is that it sits very discreetly in the mouth, because the plates that sit on the teeth are tooth colored, as is the tightening wire. As the treatment goes along, you will pop into the dentist for adjustment regularly to keep the teeth on the move, to check how the device is working, and for a good clean, as fixed braces require extra vigilance when cleaning. The great thing about this device is that it can do very complex tooth alignment, such as when there are a lot of teeth to be tweaked or it can just pull in a few wayward teeth that have been a constant annoyance. Don’t be afraid to jump in with this device, because within only half a year, you can have the smile you always wanted- it truly is a worthy investment and with a good payment plan, it will hardly dent your weekly outgoings.

Half a year and a beautiful Smile in Bath

So, have you an annoying tooth or a few that are stopping you being the person you should be when socializing in Bath? Well, take a bit of a deep breath because there is something out there that may just cuddle your mouth and rather intrigue you- the 6 months smile. It will do what it promises- it will pull your teeth into place within half a year. It embraces all of the old qualities that have been learnt from old fashioned braces but it delivers a twist. For a start, this brace works on only the teeth in your mouth that need dealing with and every so often, your dentist will tighten it up to keep the process on the go. But it looks cute in the mouth as it is made from modern materials that sit discreetly upon the front of the teeth and are linked with a wire. Yes, it is a fixed brace and you are going to have to work hard at cleaning it whilst it is in your mouth, but that is nothing to care about as you will get the hang of it, but it’s about the bigger picture and in no time at all, your teeth will look incredible. And to give you an extra incentive, this treatment is very reasonably priced in relation to other programs around. It is also a more preferred treatment for people who are getting on in life- age wise.

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