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Bath dentists fit braces to give patients incredibly straight teeth

There are a number of pros and cons to getting a set of braces fitted on your teeth. In all, one would have to say that the pros outweigh the cons but it is up to you to make the decision if you have crooked or misaligned teeth. Whatever you decide to do, it is best to get crooked or misaligned teeth rectified because you will feel much better about the way you look as a result. Some people are put off opting for the traditional brace because of several factors. The treatment time of braces is quite long by anyone’s standards: usually they take about eighteen months to achieve the desired results. During this time you will have metal brackets fitted to your teeth which have wires threaded through them. Your dentist will tighten or loosen these wires to move your teeth gradually to where they ought to be. The fact is that these brackets and wires can look unsightly and dash your confidence in the process. This is not to mention how difficult braces can be to clean. There are a number of alternative products on the market which side step these problems in a number of ways but braces are, by all accounts the most effective treatment on the market. There is no alignment issue that braces cannot sort out. Some of the newer products can only achieve limited results from specific, smaller scale issues. The treatment time may be long but you will have the peace of mind that come with knowing that the problem will be consummately dealt with in the end. If you have any worries about braces and need reassurances or just more information, your Bath dentist is on hand to talk.

Straighten teeth without spoiling your appearance with Invisalign from Swindon dentist

Nearly three quarters of all people asked in a recent survey were afraid to smile in photos because of the appearance of their teeth. There are many dental issues that make people embarrassed by their teeth. It could be due to an obvious feature such as a missing tooth or discoloured teeth, but more often than not it is the alignment of the teeth that causes the problem. Crooked or unevenly spaced teeth can really ruin the appearance of otherwise perfectly healthy teeth but there are several orthodontic straightening devices that could easily remedy this problem. One of the most recent innovations is Invisalign invisible braces. Developed by Align technologies in the US, Invisalign braces aim to straighten teeth with the minimum visual impact. The braces were designed in response to one of the most common complaints about fixed metal braces; namely that they spoiled the appearance of the teeth for up to three years before the results could be seen. This was often a significant problem, especially for teenagers and young adults going through a very sensitive time of their life. Invisalign works by utilising a series of clear plastic retainers. Each retainer is worn for a period of about two to three weeks before another one replaces it. Each new retainer makes a subtle adjustment aimed to gradually move the teeth into position. In all, about twenty-five retainers will be needed to complete the treatment. This makes an average treatment time of about 18 months, roughly six-months shorter than the average treatment time for traditional braces. The low visible impact of Invisalign, combined with the fact that the braces are removable is making them a very popular choice at Swindon dentists.

Renovate your smile with a smile makeover from Bristol dentist

Smiling is one of the most attractive qualities we have as humans. It is one of the most expressive and honest ways we have of communicating with each other so it is no surprise that every body wants a beautiful smile. For those of us not blessed with a naturally straight, proportioned and glowing smile (and that really is the majority of us) technological advances and cosmetic dentistry have come to our aid. There is now a wealth of treatments designed to repair everything from overcrowded and misaligned teeth to worn down and discolored teeth. The wonders of modern dentistry make it possible to have a complete smile makeover. Firstly, your teeth could be straightened by one of the latest ultra-fast braces on the market such Six-Month Smile or the Inman aligner. Once straight your teeth could be contoured so that they are all evenly shaped. This involves either removing enamel and polishing or even the use of dental bonding to repair chips and cracks. Any excess gum tissue could be contoured using the latest dental lasers to make the teeth appear more evenly balanced. Once straight, the teeth can be whitened by using one the latest intensive whitening gels, to restore the discoloured teeth to their former glory. Any dental cavities can be filled or crowned to prevent any further dental damage. These are just some of the many options available to patients seeking to completely renovate their smile. There really are few limits as to what a dentist is capable of doing to bring a perfect new smile to your face. A smile makeover could give you the confident smile you have always wanted. Make an appointment with a Bristol dentist to enquire about what dental techniques could be use to give you a new smile.

Discretion assures with Invisalign braces from Weston-super-Mare dentist

For people of a certain generation the idea of wearing braces can be quite terrifying. Ugly, chunky and messy metal ‘train track’ braces were the scourge of a generation but things have come a long way in the last fifteen years. Orthodontic treatment now comes in many shapes and sizes but thankfully all of them are more attractive then the old fixed metal braces. None more so than Invisalign clear plastic braces. Introduced in 1999 by Align technologies, the Invisalign system utilises a series of twenty or so clear plastic retainers, each worn for a period of two to three weeks. Each retainer is designed with a subtle change in order to move teeth into the required position. Made from one millimetre thick clear plastic, the retainers are almost invisible to anyone not standing up close to the patient’s teeth. They are also completely removable meaning that they can be taken out for eating and for important business or social occasions. In fact in most cases, no one will ever really know you are wearing a brace at all. Although treatment times do vary from patient to patient depending on the level of overcrowding, most treatments last approximately 18 months. This is slightly more than some of the ultra-fast braces on the market but in terms of discretion and effective straightening, Invisalign braces are hard to beat. It is also worth saying, however, that for cases of severe overcrowding it may be necessary to have some teeth extracted and a temporary metal brace before starting the Invisalign treatment. Whether you are a school student in your difficult teenage years or a professional eager to avoid the stigma attached to metal braces but still desiring straight teeth, Invisalign braces might be the solution you have been looking for. Weston-super-Mare dentists can offer you more extensive information about the benefits of Invisalign braces, so make an appointment today and start your journey to beautiful straight teeth.

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