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Terrific Treatments for Tooth Decay

Our general dental treatments are designed to prevent and treat dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Both these diseases are very common, but they are largely preventable. Whether you have existing symptoms of decay or are eager to keep cavities at bay for as long as possible, we can help!

About tooth decay

Tooth decay occurs when the protective enamel coating of the tooth becomes weakened, usually as a result of acid wear. Cavities are holes that form in the enamel layer. They are caused by harmful bacteria that combine with food debris to form plaque, a sticky substance that is colourless. When you eat, the bacteria in plaque release acids that gradually destroy the hard enamel. We use treatments to reduce the risk of decay and address signs of decay to make the teeth stronger and healthier. You can reduce your risk of developing tooth decay by maintaining good oral hygiene at home, visiting your dentist for regular check-ups and eating well. We recommend brushing twice a day, every day, using fluoride toothpaste and monitoring your intake of sugary and acidic foods.

Fillings for tooth decay

The most common treatment for tooth decay is a filling. Fillings help to make the teeth stronger, as well as reducing the risk of infection spreading through the tooth. In the past, fillings were made from mercury amalgam, but now many people prefer to have white fillings, which are made from dental composite. Composite fillings are strong and durable, but they also offer natural aesthetics, as the composite matches the shade of your natural tooth. Having a filling is nothing to be worried or alarmed about. We will numb the tooth completely before placing the filling so you will not feel any pain at all and the procedure takes less than an hour. We simply clean the cavity and remove all the decayed tissue before pouring in the composite and then setting it using a powerful curing light.

Down with Dental Decay in Chepstow

364999_blogDental decay may seem nothing at first and if you start to suffer from a toothache, it may only take a filling to keep the tooth healthy, if you do not address it though, you could be setting yourself up for a huge and expensive fall. Decay starts with plaque; film and acids build up on the surfaces of the tooth and then eat their way in. Once they have broken through, the inside can become infected and then you are looking at a root canal in order to save the tooth: decay is also made easier by teeth grinding. The danger here though is you have set a very dangerous ball rolling; you are in danger of an abscess breaking out as well as gum and periodontal disease setting in and this can affect every part of your mouth and body in the long run. The way of preventing this in the beginning is to have a high quality of oral hygiene on the go, as well as putting in regular visits to see your dentist; both of these should be enough to keep decay at bay. For more on all aspects of dental decay and oral hygiene, Clifton Dental of Bristol can supply you with all the information you’ll need on such topics as these in Chepstow.

Tackling Tooth Decay in Chepstow

If you are suffering from a touch of tooth decay, it won’t be hard to tackle in its infancy, but there is a grey area that if you ignore it happening, it can lead to more sinister events kicking-off in the future. Decay can lead to tooth-loss and periodontal disease- as well as abscesses. Catch it early on and you may get away with a filling to stop the rot, allow it to go further though and you’ll need root canal treatment; anymore after this means you are being ignorant and you deserve all you get. Remember, these treatments aren’t cheap and get more expensive if you leave them to fester. Even after being successfully treated, you really should wise up as to why it happened in the first place and take a look at your lifestyle, your diet and your oral hygiene. Remember, tooth decay is an early warning signal to what could follow and that won’t be attractive at all. Talk to Clifton Dental in Bristol about any worries you have on this issue for they are experts in this field and can advise you on this specific problem and how to avoid it breaking out later in life- plus they serve the Chepstow area.  

Fighting tooth decay, join the battle in Chepstow with the Help of Clifton Dental

Tooth decay is the dental condition in which the outer layers of your teeth become worn away by the acid that can be found in your mouth. Extensive tooth decay may require fillings and may even result in a painful abscess in the tooth. Preventing tooth decay with good oral hygiene is one that Clifton Dental of Bristol believes is one of main points to address in Chepstow. Dental plaque is made up from bacteria and food debris. When carbohydrates are consumed, bacteria in plaque converts it into acid, this acid then slowly erodes the surface of the teeth, wearing down the enamel. When tooth enamel is lost, toothache may be experienced as the neuronal cells become vulnerable and then teeth are now exposed to the elements and other substances. The ways in which you can protect your teeth from tooth decay are by reducing the amount of starchy and sugary foods you consume. This should reduce the bacteria’s ability to produce harmful acids and thus prevent tooth decay. In addition, proper brushing of the teeth and tongue should reduce the amount of bacteria and plaque that resides in your mouth in the first place. Finally, keep attending regular check-ups with your local dentist as they will be able to spot any early signs of tooth decay.

Tooth Decay and how to fight it in Chepstow

Tooth decay, get it and you may well find that you are in the deepest parts of the ocean because it isn’t pretty. If you have been a bit stupid in Chepstow of late and been a little bit negligent of how you have looked after you teeth, there is every chance that your teeth are under the threat of decay. If you are up to date with dental appointments and have managed to look after your teeth at home by taking on board all of the great products to choose from, then you will be giving yourself a fighting chance against dental decay. But if you take the eye of the ball for just a few hours, you could be putting your health on the line. Tooth decay starts with the build up of plaque and tartar around the teeth and then they become vulnerable to acids on the enamel. This, if left unattended, can get you into the world of dental cavities and from that serious dental problems can arise in the guise of deep-rooted decay. The remedy isn’t pretty either because you are going to have any rotten matter cleared from inside the teeth, have to go through a root canal and then get a crown.

Keeping a Smile on you Kids in Weston-super-mare

So you’ve decided to start a family in Weston-super-mare and you’ve had the kids- now the real hard work starts because you have to look after their health until they are old enough and capable enough to make their own informed decisions; this is especially true of their teeth. Getting your child’s teeth right from the beginning can reflect on their mouths for the rest of their lives. From a baby, the teeth are starting to grow, but it’s important to be ready for when they break through the gums. Diet and cleaning the teeth play an important factor here as the teeth are very prone to tooth decay. This is the time to get a good pediatric dentist on board to help during this tricky time. As your child starts to grow, what you feed them and how you teach them to clean their teeth, again, is vital, for the next big thing is when the secondary teeth start to evolve in the mouth. Essentially, it all boils down to you, how you educate them into looking after themselves and their teeth, and keeping them away from sugary or starchy foods until you are sure the message has got through. Sticking with the same dentist around this time is useful for building up not only a rapport and trust between them and your child, but also to get a good overall historical picture of your child’s oral health.

Gum Disease in Weston-super-mare and how a Bristol Dentist Treats it

There are many factors that contribute to gum disease in Weston-super-mare- diet, medication, smoking and poor oral hygiene being among them. But whatever has caused the problem, it’s imperative that it is addressed as soon as possible, for aside from gum disease leading to tooth decay and loss, it is also considered to be the cause behind more life threatening issues such as abscesses, heart disease, diabetes and blood poisoning. Any dentist will advocate a regular, daily program of oral hygiene and there are a lot of products out there to do the job. This is to ensure the removal of plaque and tartar- the main cause of gum disease. But take your eye off the ball and suddenly you have problems and that’s where your dentist comes in. A dentist can remove plaque and tartar but once gum disease has got its claws in, it takes a lot more work and effort to stop it advancing any further. A deep scale and polish can ensure the teeth are super-clean, but sometimes root planning may be required to remove bacteria from the roots themselves. Worse of all, it may take surgery followed by antibiotics to solve the problem. If you do your homework along with your dentist, you’ll also find a lot of herbal remedies around to help your cause.

Treating Tooth Decay in Bath

Tooth decay is an ongoing problem to everyone that lives in Bath. From childhood to adulthood, it will affect us all at some point. It’s caused by build up of bacteria in the mouth from starchy foods and sugary drinks which then turns to acid, combined with poor oral hygiene. Once the bacteria sets in, plaque will develop and gnaw away at the tooth’s enamel. In time, cavities will form and then tooth decay will take over. If this is spotted early on normally through an X-ray at the dentists, the tooth and its nerve can be saved with a simple filling at the dentist- dental sealants and fluoride are also used to combat tooth decay in children, preventing bacteria from reaching the natural surface of the tooth. But serious decay may require a root canal. As harsh as it sounds, it’s become a regular procedure for dentists. Once the decay and nerves are removed, the tooth can be capped with a crown to save the tooth. If the decay is extreme, then the tooth will need removing. Fluoride treatments and chewing sugar free gum helps to maintain a high saliva level in the mouth (along with a positive diet), that naturally helps to breakdown bacteria in the mouth. Good oral hygiene with flosses, good brushes and pastes, and mouthwashes also help to fight the bacteria in the mouth and prevent tooth decay.

Having Dental Crowns fitted in Bath

Having a crown fitted in Bath these days, has become as straight forward as having most regular dental procedures, but that’s not to under estimate its importance. Fitting a crown helps to retain the strength of the tooth and its longevity, and maintain the mouth’s hygiene. Over time, teeth can become cracked and worn, tooth decay can set in, or you may even suffer injury. If any of these problems are left unchecked, the tooth may be lost altogether, but crown procedures are nothing to worry about. Your dentist will first assess any damage by taking x-rays and then decide on a course of treatment and the best material to make the crown from, depending on its placement in the mouth. In the case of tooth decay, any rotting matter must be removed before the crown can be fitted. This may require a root canal to remove the pulp and root of the tooth before being cleaned and then filled to take the crown. Teeth in the mouth undergo different stresses- back teeth generally chew and bite, so require the crown to be made from either gold or porcelain-over-metal for durability. Teeth towards the front, take less stress, therefore the crown can be made from just porcelain or resin, that also look more natural in the mouth. Having a crown fitted also prevents any further decay spreading and reduces the chance of infection setting in.

Tooth decay treatment in Gloucester

For all our best efforts to keep our teeth healthy in Gloucester, sometimes problems get through. Tooth decay starts with the build up bacteria, leading to plaque, gum disease and ultimately tooth decay. Often, tooth decay or caries are a result of poor oral hygiene and lack of dental visits over a period of time and getting treatment can be expensive. If the decay is in it’s early stages, the best course of action may be a flouride varnish or paste. Flouride with strengthen the enamel in the tooth and make it resistant to the causes of decay. If however, the decay is in a more advanced state, the tooth may require a filling, a root canal or a crown. A filling is used where the decay has not penetrated deep in to tooth, and can be made from various materials, the most common being a silver amalgam, but the more popular being a tooth coloured composite. Gold inlays and onlays can also be used to fill the cavity. If the decay is very bad, it may require a root canal to remove the dead nerves and pulp inside the tooth, then the tooth can be filled or have a crown fitted. Crowns too come in various colours and materials. But sometimes, the dentist will have no choice but to extract the tooth. Once this has been done, replacement can be expensive, in the form of a bridge or an implant.

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