Teeth straightened quickly with Inman aligners from Swindon dentists

Traditional braces can sometimes take years to effectively straighten your teeth. They are unpopular with some people because the metal brackets and wires can affect your appearance and lead to loss of confidence if the wearer feels embarrassed about smiling. The new Inman aligner offers the same results as a brace by straightening your teeth but works a lot quicker, often just six weeks. A further advantage of the Inman aligner is that it is virtually invisible.

The average time that you will have to wear an Inman aligner for is less than six months and the only visible part is a discreet bar across your front teeth. It can be removed so that cleaning it is so much easier. You can also remove it while eating, avoiding the prospect of food getting trapped. If you wish to attend a social occasion and not have to think about your Inman aligner, you can remove it for that too.

Inman works using a coiled spring which gently pushes your teeth out from the inside. This means it is extremely discreet and your teeth have the room to be pulled into place against the straightening bar at the front of the mouth. The Inman system will not be able to rotate teeth but it is perfect for small issues with alignment and the cost is similar to many other orthodontic treatments.

If you are not keen on the idea of wearing metal braces but want to have your teeth straightened quickly and discreetly ask your Swindon dentist today about what the Inman aligner can do for you.

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