Teeth whitening with Swindon dentists: restore your smile to its youthful brilliance

The look of your smile is important when it comes to making a good first impression. Yet a great many people simply accept the fact that they have stained teeth or teeth which are dull in tone or shade. This is not necessary any more because Swindon dentists offer a variety of procedures which are designed to whiten teeth and remove bothersome stains.

In essence there are two main types of teeth whitening process: those which are led by the dentist in the surgery and those which are carried out by the patient at home. Both, however, tend to use the same sort of techniques. Generally, teeth whitening techniques will rely on the application of whitening gels. These specially formulated gels contain bleaching agents which remove any stains and chemicals which actually make teeth whiter. The gel needs to have time to work on the teeth so they are usually applied to trays which are worn over the teeth for a period.

The most affordable of these treatments are the ones that will be carried out at home by you, the patient. These kits can be bought from many retailers such as super markets and pharmacies. They are very convenient because they are often worn during sleep. The potential drawback is that the trays are all the same size so you might not get the best coverage of the gel on your teeth.

When dentists build the trays they do so according to the particular shape of your mouth and therefore the gel can have a far better standard of coverage and won’t produce uneven results. Dentist-led procedures sometimes utilise special curing lights as well.