The benefits of a Dental Implant in Swindon

If you have been put in the position of overcoming some form of tooth loss, then before you make the decision, you should contact Clifton Dental of Bristol who serve the Swindon area, because they can give you a breakdown of all the options available to you. However, one of the up and coming stars of tooth loss is undoubtedly the dental implant. Now, it has been around for decades and the only reason that it has taken so long for it to reach a wider audience is because it was a complex and lengthy procedure, only being performed by a few dentists in a few places, making it a very exclusive and expensive treatment that could take over 6 months to complete. No, what held this treatment back from being more available was technology. Before, the placement of a small, titanium rod into the jawbone was performed using scalpels and drills which meant stitching afterwards and which made the healing process hellishly long. Now however, the implant has what it takes to be the most complete answer to tooth loss, it has the laser that can carry out pinpoint surgery and placements in hours. When the laser makes a hole, it fuses the gum tissue around it, negating the need for stitching and making healing phenomenally quicker. This means that you are fitted with you knew crowns not long after the implant has been put in. The dental implant is a very robust and strong little thing and once it’s in, it’s with you until the bitter end, giving you back the freedom you must have thought you had lost forever when you originally suffered from tooth loss.