The benefits of Digital X-rays in Weston-super-Mare

Dentistry has come a long, long way since the old days. It has embraced technology and for you, the patient, this has helped you to get precision treatments done very quickly. One of the areas that has benefited in the shift in technology over the past 30 years is the x-ray. This has always been an amazing procedure in being able to make an accurate diagnosis when it comes to tooth decay, bone loss or gum disease. But even then, by today’s standards, it was slow. It could often take days to process an image and when it was, it would have to be stored in a big old dusty cabinet amongst hundreds of other x-rays. All this has radically changed as technology has taken the x-ray to a new level- its gone digital and this means that a dentist can have the image on a screen seconds after it has been taken. This essentially means that if the x-ray shows up any problems or anomalies in your mouth, they can be worked on straight away, saving valuable time. And, if the dentist needs a second opinion or needs to refer you to a specialist, the x-ray can be e-mailed straight away. This type of imaging is also useful for more complex procedures such as dental implant surgery, as it can locate the place the implants needs to go with pinpoint accuracy. The dentist doesn’t need to walk to that dusty old cabinet either if previous x-rays are required for cross referencing. One touch of a button and the image is back on the screen. All of this corner cutting and time saving are invaluable when treatments need to be carried out quickly to prevent further deterioration in your mouth. For more information about digital x-rays and the affect they can have on your health in Weston-super-Mare, you should contact Clifton Dental in Bristol as the serve the area.