The causes of bad breath in Bath

In Bath, it’s not always obvious that you have bad breath and the first time you discover you do is when someone tells you. It can be embarrassing, anti-social and leave you wondering why people don’t talk to you anymore. Bad breath can be caused by many reasons and can be pinpointed to three major areas. The first is in the mouth. Teeth can harbour foods that stagnate and if left untouched through bad oral hygiene, can give off a pungent odour. Of course, this can lead to a build up of bacteria leading, to gum disease and tooth decay; diet and lifestyle can also add to the problem- excessive smoking and drinking contribute to bad breath. The second area stems from the airways to the mouth. Dryness and sinus problems can be affected by a mucous build up that can indicate bronchial problems or the approach of flu or pneumonia. The third cause of bad breath can indicate gastric problems and food stagnation in the stomach. From a personal level, a constant bad taste in the mouth is a sign that you have bad breath and that something could be seriously wrong with your health. Treatment should be sought either through your dentist or a clinic, but also an intense program of good oral hygiene should be practised at all times.

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