The Dental Check-up in Bath through Clifton Dental

Yes, it’s that irritating little time that you have to go through twice a year that seems like a complete waste time, a check-up at the dentists. Most times you are in and out without apparently having anything done. But a warning to the impatient misguided here because if you start taking this bi-annual trip for granted and start skipping appointments on the basis that they are unnecessary, you will be setting yourself up for a big fall in the future in Bath. Yes you may think you are god’s gift to oral hygiene, but it only takes a couple of days for things to spiral out of control in your mouth if you take your eye off the ball game. During a check-up, your dentist will bring out their bible which is a set of rules on what to look for in you, their patient. As much as you think you have done at home, your dentist will pick up on things you can’t see and may have missed. They will start by giving you a quick x-ray to ascertain any form of tooth decay, and where necessary, plug up the hole with a filling. They will also clear any signs of plaque and tartar from around the lower part of the teeth where the gum meets and then afterwards, give your teeth a polish and send you on your way. The point of all this is to ensure that the threat of gum disease and tooth decay is kept to a minimum in order to keep your mouth healthy and free of disease and you can get all of the information you need from Clifton Dental of Bristol.