The joy of CEREC in Bristol

Bristol can be a fast and furious city to live in and sometimes it can be hard to get the basics fitted in- such as popping along to see your dentist when things go wrong with fitments in your mouth; don’t put such things off just because you feel you haven’t the time because you are putting your oral health at risk. The thing is, there are some amazing treatments you can have done in around an hour to repair you and get you going again- like CEREC. This is one of those treatments that have come from some of the great technological advances in modern dental work. If you are having a problem with your dental bridge, a veneer or a crown, then all you need to do is find a dentist that offers this treatment. The uniqueness of CEREC is that once you sit down in the chair and have been digitally scanned, the images are fed directly into the computer that will design your new fitting there and then, and once done, feed this information into a machine that will manufacture the part you need. All of this will take about an hour and before you know what has hit you, you will be in and out with your smile in tact. If you’d like to know more and where you can have this done, give Clifton Dental a call.