The magic of Mini-implants in Weston-super-Mare

Once upon a time in Weston-super-Mare, the mini-implant used to pave the way for it’s bigger brother, ensuring that an implant would take and then when the mouth had healed, it was taken out and replaced by the full implant…it would then be discarded. But then something magical happened to the mini, it was soon recognized for being useful in it’s own right and as dental procedures improved, it stepped out of the shadow of big brother and became useful in its own right. It is a lot simpler to place into the jaw and a series of them can be placed in a day and set to immediate use. They have been particularly useful in the development of the dental bridge, helping to anchor the bridge at either one end, or in the case of a bridge that spans across the loss of more than two teeth, bang in the middle of the bridge. The mini can also be used to house small incisor crowns to help with tooth replacement. But the treatment that really made a star of the mini-implant was when it was used to help anchor dentures in the mouth. In just a couple of hours, 5 or 6 implants will lock onto the dentures and hold them tight up against the gums, making them stronger than was ever imaginable before. For information on this and general implant treatments, then just give Clifton Dental a call in Bristol.