The Many Benefits of Fluoridation Addressed by Your Local Dentist in Swindon

Perhaps you have heard a rumor going around that fluoride is actually bad for your teeth. Don’t let conspiracy theories frighten you off of a crucial component to practicing great oral health. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps your teeth by strengthening them and protecting them from tooth decay and gum disease. It is vital that you brush at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride therapy, also known as fluoride treatment, can completely reverse the earliest stages of tooth decay, saving your teeth from this dangerous dental disease. Fluoridation is the practice of adding fluoride to drinking water supplies. This is practiced most commonly in the United States. Some parts of England have adopted the practice, but not all. Fluoridation is a helpful step that has proven to have drastic improvements on the oral health of a population. Fluoride fortifies the enamel of teeth, fighting off the build up of plaque and bacteria that threaten to break down the hard surfaces of our teeth to cause cavities, rot, and infection. Fluoride can be helpful to your oral health in more than just toothpaste. Speak to your dentist about fluoride mouth washes and fluoride fortified floss. If you are hindered by dry mouth, dental disease, or wear crowns, bridges, or braces, you should consult your dentist in Swindon about extra fluoride intake to benefit your oral health.