The natural answer to tooth loss: Dental Implants in Weston-super-mare

Overcoming the shock of tooth loss can be a traumatic, yet a necessary one. The gap caused by a missing tooth can attract bacteria and cause infection. The surrounding teeth may start to move, hence your ‘bite’ or occlusion may become distorted and the skin on your face may become disfigured through sagging. One of the most reliable methods of replacing the tooth is to have a dental implant fitted. It’s permanent and restores total freedom back to your mouth. Today, the procedure is as easy as anything else you may have done at the dentists: x-rays will determine the exact placement of the implant, before a laser will make the hole through the gum and into your jawbone. Then, the small titanium rod can be screwed into position. The operation is so quick to do, but there will be a cooling off period to allow for the healing process to kick-in. But a laser does very little damage, and with the radical healing techniques employed in implant surgery, the healing will be quick. In some procedures, the new crown can be fitted the same day. If you’d like to know more about getting an implant fitted, and the costs involved, Weston-super-mare is served by the Clifton dental studio from Bristol and can supply you with everything you’ll need to know.