The radiance of Porcelain Veneers in Swindon

You’d love to have your teeth radiating beauty at all times and have a smile to make people jealous around you in Swindon. But sadly, as the years drift by, the spark will slowly disappear and your teeth may well become riddled with flaws: cracks and discoloration, receding gums and worn teeth are just a few of the ways that your teeth start to suffer. But before you consider throwing in the towel and accepting that old age, give Clifton Dental of Bristol a call and ask them about porcelain veneers, because this is exactly what you are looking for to stop the mental rot setting in. In as little as a couple of weeks, you can have your smile transformed and restored in a way that will leave you breathless: if you find a dentist that offers CEREC, this can all be done with in just over the hour! The enamel is first removed from the surface of the tooth and in order to make your veneers, you must have a mould taken and sent off to a lab. When they comeback, it’s just a matter of cementing them into place. Porcelain veneers are beautiful and very robust- they can last you for 15 years if cared for, but the manner in which they hide up all your flaws and leave your mouth looking immaculate is nothing short of remarkable.