The teeth of Swindon get a makeover with CEREC

592142_blogIt is a great source of comfort to know that if you need to have things fitted or repaired in a jiffy in your mouth, the treatments are there for you. Crowns, veneers and bridges are some of those cosmetic beauties that help to restore the look and ambience in your mouth, and on general, they will only take a few weeks to fit them in, after your teeth have been prepared, moulds taken and the parts made-up. However, CEREC offers all of this in just over the hour, with the moulds being replaced by digital imaging, and this is what this treatment is all about, the brilliant use of modern technology. Once your teeth have been sized up by imaging, the results are programmed into a computer system that will then set about designing your new fitting. Once the dimensions have been set, they are fed into a machine and then manufactured on the spot. If there is an issue with the way they fit, it can be rectified there and then. Want to know more? Get in touch with Clifton Dental in Bristol as they can supply you with all the information you’ll need about getting treated by the CEREC programme in Swindon.