The trouble of Reversible Pulpitis in Bristol

Your teeth are very complex, which makes them very vulnerable to attack from infection, and though you will try your best to ensure that they are free from plaque and other bacteria, sometimes something may break through, such as cavities or caries- tooth decay. In the early stages of this, your tooth will become very sensitive to changes in temperature or in fact, anything touching it and you will suffer from shooting pain through the tooth. This means that the pulp inside your tooth has become inflamed, a condition known as reversible pulpitis. If you maintain visits to your dentist, signs of this will have been spotted in an x-ray and then be treated accordingly. Normally, this can be rectified with a filling and after a few days, the pain will subside as the pulp inside the tooth recovers. If however you allow the problem to continue, the pulp will become infected and you will then need a root canal to save your tooth. For all you need to know about this condition and other forms of tooth decay in Bristol, you should give the Clifton dental studio a call.