The unbelievable Inman aligner takes Swindon by storm

It would probably be beyond your wildest dreams to get your front teeth straightened in as little as 6 weeks, definitely impossible you may think. But this is not a prank and there is a gadget around in Swindon right now that promises to do just that- the Inman aligner. It’s a device that pushes the boundaries and theories of tooth alignment to the maximum and it flies in the face of convention. A plate houses a bar and a wire: the bar pushes the inside of your teeth and the wire pulls on the outer surfaces of your teeth. Both work together because they are linked via a couple of springs at the back of the plate. Every movement your mouth makes causes the two to rock your teeth loose and whip them back into position extremely quickly. During the short amount of time you’ll be wearing this device, you can take it out whenever you fancy and seeing that you’ll need to wear it for at least 20 hours a day, it does give you the luxury of eating normally and clean your teeth effectively. The cost starts from around £1200, which equates to £200 a week, but 6 weeks? That truly is manna from heaven if you’ve been troubled by your teeth all of your life. To find out the wheres and the hows about the Inman aligner, you should most definitely get in touch with Clifton Dental in Bristol.