The unhappy tale of Central Apnea in Chepstow

If you have ever gone through an operation that has involved your central nervous system, it is a very delicate process, but the hangover from this is the ways messages from the brain are sent around the body. Any damage to the nervous system can seriously hinder the way the rest of your body operates and receives these messages, which can affect the way you breathe when you sleep. The obstructive nature caused from this damage can prevent the way your brain regulates your breathing and it can cause a shut-down in your breathing for up to 20 seconds or more. In this time, the rest of your body panics as it will try desperately to overcome the problem. Your heart is one of the most affected by this as it needs the oxygen in order to pump blood around your body. What we have here is a system failure and over a period of time, your heart will give up altogether. Treating the problem is complex, so you will need to get a professional angle on the condition. The Clifton dental studio in Bristol is well versed in problems such as this and you are lucky if you live in Chepstow, because they serve your area.