The wonders of a Digital X-ray in Chepstow

3788888_blogX-rays have always played a vitally important in dental surgeries and is an excellent way to reveal anything going wrong in your mouth. They weren’t without their problems though; they could use high doses of radiation to take an image, they were clumsy to store and could take a while to process. However, they have now slipped into the new world of technology and gone digital, making them completely efficient to use. The process of imaging seems the just the same in the sense that as a patient, you may not see any difference as to any other x-ray you may have had. But digital x-rays use far less radiation and within seconds, the image is up on a computer screen, ready for immediate analysis and enabling the dentist to start work on you immediately if need be. Of course, with the images on computer, they are easily stored and can be pulled out of the files at the touch of a button for future reference. Clifton Dental Care of Bristol operate in the Chepstow area and can tell you about x-rays and other technologies to take advantage of in the dental surgery