To Floss or not to floss in Chepstow

18625059Flossing the teeth is not something everyone likes, or can do for a variety of reasons. Patients wearing fixed braces will not be able to use floss and others may feel they don’t know how to it. Our dental hygiene team at Clifton Dental in Bristol educates patients about the best methods of cleaning the teeth and this involves not only brushing but flossing as well. There are certain techniques that are used to get the best result when flossing and we are more than willing to show patients how to do it and give them hints and tips. Flossing can greatly impact on the oral hygiene of every patient. Food particles and tarter can result in build up between the teeth and on the gum line, even if regular brushing is done on a daily basis. This is because brushing alone cannot always get in the small gaps on the tooth and around the gum line. Floss gently removes any remaining tooth particles or tarter from the mouth. It is best to floss before brushing so that any bits left in the mouth can be cleaned away when brushing. There are a variety of flosses on the market depending on preference so why not get flossing today and see a huge difference to your oral hygiene in Chepstow.