Tooth Decay and how to fight it in Chepstow

Tooth decay, get it and you may well find that you are in the deepest parts of the ocean because it isn’t pretty. If you have been a bit stupid in Chepstow of late and been a little bit negligent of how you have looked after you teeth, there is every chance that your teeth are under the threat of decay. If you are up to date with dental appointments and have managed to look after your teeth at home by taking on board all of the great products to choose from, then you will be giving yourself a fighting chance against dental decay. But if you take the eye of the ball for just a few hours, you could be putting your health on the line. Tooth decay starts with the build up of plaque and tartar around the teeth and then they become vulnerable to acids on the enamel. This, if left unattended, can get you into the world of dental cavities and from that serious dental problems can arise in the guise of deep-rooted decay. The remedy isn’t pretty either because you are going to have any rotten matter cleared from inside the teeth, have to go through a root canal and then get a crown.